Episode 33: Why Can’t I Find A Play Partner?

Episode 33:

        We here at 2 Kinky Women believe that this topic is so relevant in our fast paced world that we don't even realize we are making these types of mistakes.  Even something as simple as pulling out your phone during a lull in the conversation.  It really does make a difference.  It's okay to not be entertained 24/7.  If you do find yourself alone at a munch and don't feel brave enough or comfortable enough to introduce yourself and start a conversation with someone else, then just be with your thoughts for a while until the conversation starts up again.  If you immediately pull out your phone and start texting, or using social media, etc, no one will approach you to talk because you "busy"...

        Another point I want to stress is that personal hygiene is a must!  No one wants to smell your stinky butt!! Even if you don't think you smell, it's just a good practice to practice personal hygiene.

        Lastly, I can not stress enough... no more dick pics, no more profile dick pics, and no more profile names that any form of the word penis in them.  Your dick is only a small portion of the Kink & D/s lifestyle.  You know by now that we are all about the mindset. 


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