Episode 32: Culture and Identity of the Switch

Episode 32:

        One of our core themes here at 2 Kinky Women is do what makes happy.  If you tried switching from bottom or submissive to topping and domination and love it, then that’s awesome!! If you tried it and you hated it. That’s valuable information about yourself! You can use that information when looking for play partners. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you aren’t a “true” Dominant or submissive when you switch. That’s bullshit. What does that even mean?? “Kink is what you make it.”, said my long time friend, Partyman. We each define for ourselves what Dominance means and what submission means. Now in a formalized power exchange dynamic, the Dominant puts forth the rules of submission for the submissive to adhere to. The submissive may have ideals they would like to adhere to as well. So communication, negotiation, & compromise are needed to be successful. 

So let your kinky switch flag fly!!


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