Episode 31: On the Scene at Naughty Noel

Episode 31:

  It's fascinating to ponder the level of organization and planning that goes into putting on a weekend kink event with over 800 people in attendance.  There are so many schedules to plan: security, registration, dungeon monitors, class/demo schedules, etc.  As someone who excels at planning and organization, it's truly dizzying. 

   We, the Kink Community thank the promoters of Naughty Noel for always putting on an excellent weekend Kink event.  If you can only attend 1 Kink event for the whole year, this is one you want to go to, it's that good. 

   Here at 2 Kinky Women, you know by now that we don't blow smoke up your ass, if we are endorsing a product or event, it's because it's an excellent thing.  *As for actually blowing smoke up your ass, I wouldn't recommend that type of play. LoL.


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