MidnightLady’s Speeding Ticket Punishment: Pt. 2

4th in the continuing series of Peter and Chloe: Pt. 2

   Suddenly, she heard, "what the hell happened to you. How could you let someone else spank you?"  She turned around, to see Peter standing in the doorway.  Chloe realized that she should have just taken the tickets and told Peter about it and taken any punishments he would have given me.  He was furious.  She had never seen him so angry.  "I'm so sorry, Peter. I was pulled over by a cop for speeding and failure to get my car registered. He told me that I could get out of getting the ticket, if I let him spank me. I was afraid to tell you. I knew you would punish me."  He looked at me angrily and said, "what was the cop's name, he had no right to spank you."  Trembling now, I said, "his badge said Falconi"  Instantly, a conversation Peter had with Jim Falconi came to his mind.  He was a fool to tell him something like that, but he had too much to drink that night and was somewhat drunk when he told him that.  Chloe watched as Peter's face softened.  He held out his arms to comfort Chloe.  She moved toward him and let his arms embrace her.  He spoke softly, "first, I'm sorry, you felt the need to lie to me, by accepting the cop's deal for you, we can talk about it after your punishment.  Second, I will punish you for speeding, and not keeping up with your registration.  You will not drive any car until your registration is renewed. 

   Since it looks like you were given a sound spanking, you will receive 3 strokes with the cane, one for lying to me, one for speeding, and one for lack of registration. Does this seem fair to you?"  She looked up at him and saw the love in his eyes, "yes, it's fair. I'm so sorry; I didn't trust you enough to know you would do what's right. Please forgive me?"  He held her close and hugged her again, "It's really okay, we all make mistakes, even me."  He released her from his arms and told her to bend over the sink and wait for him.  When he returned, he was carrying the cane.  She dreaded that cane and the pain she knew it would inflict.  He spoke firmly, "I want you to count them out, Chloe"  "yes", I replied.   "ONE"  My sore skin reacted as I thought it would.  It exploded into such pain and agony.  "TWO"  My brain was swamped with pain.  My tears started again, falling silently down my cheeks.  "THREE"  It was done and over.  I heard the cane hit the floor.  Peter reached for me and turned to hug me.  I melted in his arms, feeling so relieved that he had forgiven me for making a huge mistake, for allowing someone else to spank me.  He carried me to the bed and laid me down.  He reached for the cream and soothed my sore bottom.  He got into bed next to me, kissed me good night and fell asleep next me.