Episode 17: Contracts for D/s Dynamics

Episode 17:

   Wouldn't be nice if we knew what was expected of us in the various roles we play throughout our lives. If we had something written down that told us what we were expected to do and what others were expected to do as well. For the well ordered mind, this is very comforting. This is the concept behind Contracts in the D/s & M/s mindset. A contract tells all the parties what is expected of them in writing.

   Now, of course the contract is not legally binding in any way, but it is a binding agreement between the Dominant & the bottom(s). Each item in the contract is agreed to by both the Dominant & the bottom(s). The parties in the contract negotiate each line item. It's a mix of both the Dominant's & the bottom(s) needs & wants. Be advised: there will be needs & wants that will not be met in the contract, as no one can fulfill every need of each individual. During negiotiation, the parties involved can express their most fervent desires and needs and then see if those needs can be fulfilled through the contract.

   It deepens the bonds between the parties & deepens the trust that each has in each other. Trust is what makes the D/s & M/s dynamic so amazing and fulfilling. A contract only lends itself to do just that.


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