MidnightLady’s Tattoo Experience: Pt. 1

The Tattoo Experience. Pt. 1

   Nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience.  My hubbs & I went after work on a Thursday night to Adrenaline Tattoos.  I had decided on a small rosebud tattoo on my right hip. I was so NERVOUS. I thought for sure that I was going to jump right out of my skin, the first time I felt the needles touch my skin. I pulled down my pants to uncover my ass, but still managed to cover my crotch. Jungle shaved and cleaned the spot I was going to have tattooed. He applied the stencil very carefully, asking where I wanted it. He removed the paper backing and I lay down on the reclining chair on my left side. The chair was very similar to one you would find in a dentist's office. I asked Jungle to let me know when he was going to start. I could hear the machine buzzing. He said, "Okay, I'm going to do a small line now, let me know how you are." I closed my eyes and prayed that I wasn't totally insane and that it wouldn't hurt too badly.  BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ. He stopped and asked me how I was. I replied that it was fine and that he could continue. I was doing this!!!! I was actually getting a tattoo!!!! It didn't really hurt that much. There were a few moments where my tolerance was tested, but then only very briefly. After a half an hour it was done. I was the proud new owner of a tattoo. How exciting.

Thursday, January 18, 2001

    Men & women who get too cocky lose wars.

    I was very excited about getting my 2nd tattoo. I had decided on a tattoo that had my favorite flowers in them, roses. There were 3 roses right in the middle and a set of vines reaching down and one vine reaching to the left and one vine reaching to the right.  I wanted Jungle to tattoo this design on my lower back under the underwear line. I pulled down my leggings to expose my lower back and my ass. He shaved and cleaned the area. Jungle affixed the stencil to my lower back and we looked at it in amazement. This tattoo was a lot bigger than my first one. It was going to look so cool. Jungle asked me to straddle the chair that was in his office. I perched myself on the chair leaning against the back with my arms hanging over the sides of the back of the chair. My back was slightly arched to allow him a better working surface. I was slightly nervous, but very excited. I didn't even care as to the pain that might be involved. My first tattoo hardly hurt at all and I was foolish enough to believe that this tattoo would be similar to the first one. I was too cocky.

   Jungle started the outline of the tattoo and after a few minutes I stopped Jungle. It was here when I realized that this was going to be very painful, more than I could have ever imagined. I asked him to get my husband who was in the showroom. He walked in and sat in the recliner in front of me. I took hold of a hand in each of my hands. I was in for a long, painful experience. I could tolerate the stinging, stabbing pain as long as I had him to rely on. To help myself stay relaxed and to keep my mind off the pain, I focused on my breathing and began moaning. Quite loudly it would seem. The pain was excruciating at times, but I still enjoyed it on many levels. My moaning made, it seem almost sexual. I know that Jungle liked hearing my moans. Joe, the owner of the shop, looked in to see what was happening and said, "I don't know if she's enjoying this or hating this" Later he said, "Sounds like you are having sex in there. I'm getting turned on." At one point, I had the sublime experience of an endorphin rush. WOW. That was an incredible sensation, much like an orgasm. It starts slow and steady until you come to the pinnacle of pleasure and the endorphins rushing through me explode like a bomb.

   The trip down after the rush was difficult. Now that I had reached my high, the pain seemed more intense and less bearable. At one point shortly before my break, I gripped his hand so hard that I drew a little bit of blood on his knuckle. The pain was so unbelievably intense. Finally it was time to take a break. The outline was finally complete. I got up slowly from the chair. I was stiff from sitting in the same position for so long. I was a little dizzy and flying from endorphins, My hubbs got me some water and I sipped it slowly, trying to reorient myself, before we started again. I wanted to stop, but knew that I couldn't let myself not finish what I had started. I didn't want half a tattoo.

To be continued next time... Stay tuned for Pt. 2