Episode 15: Edge Play & Safety

Episode 15:

   As you begin your journey into kink, we recommend starting slowly and experiencing some beginner play. So you watch a lot of other people playing and then you start playing. As you spend more and more time in the scene & watch the scenes at larger events, you will most likely see some scenes that are entitled edge play.  So when the vanilla folk see kink, they think our standard beginner kink is edge play…

   Then we, kinksters want more risk & more reward than a light spanking can provide. So begins your next journey into more extreme types of play, in other words Edge Play. Again Edge Play is an umbrella term that defines the more risky play types and is completely subjective. My view of what constitutes edge play can be very different than my partner’s view.  This is why communication is so very vital and important. 

   Please be aware and understand that upping the ante in terms of your experience is also upping the ante in terms of risk. Consider how much risk are you will to take as both the bottom or the top. This is Varsity Level Kink as Dan Savage says… The risk is exponentially higher and so is the euphoria that comes with it. 

    When you start to do edge play, do it safely… 


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