MidnightLady’s Too Much Intimacy?: Pt, 1

   Too Much Intimacy Pt. 1

   Tonight was the fulfillment of one of my most treasured fantasies and it was just as I pictured it would be.

   Master and I had already done one scene that went something like this.  He commanded me to remove my skirt and my blouse and to lie across his lap.  He began slowly rubbing and caressing my bare ass.  Then it began, a barrage of loud slaps.  Each one louder and more painful than the last.  I tried not to call out, determined to be stoic.  But Master knows me too well, and he only spanked me harder.  I began to cry out and moan.  He grabbed my hair and pulled it up.  He whispered in my ear and said, "Now you know you need this, don't fight it."  He let go of my hair and I fell against his lap again.  My ass is becoming red and sore.  He commanded me to get up and bend over the chair.  I pleaded with him, promised him I would be good.   He just looked at me, with that stern look  I have come to recognize.  I obediently bend over the chair.  Master took out my leather flogger, the one I tied the knots in myself,  and massaged my back with it.  How wonderful that felt, until he really put his arm into it.  Within moments I was pleading for mercy.  He stopped flogging me and allowed me to rise.  He walked to me, put his strong, loving arms around and held me for a moment.

   I looked quite the virgin, dressed in a white lace bra and white lace g-string.   My legs were covered in white thigh highs and I was wearing white high heels.  Solstice even remarked to me that I looked like I fell off of a wedding cake and lost my wedding dress along the way.  Imagine the irony of that sight.  Everyone around me dressed in black or dark clothing.  People involved with BDSM usually wear dark colored clothing, and here I am dressed all in white and very much involved in the BDSM scene.  It was almost as if I didn't belong there, didn't belong amongst people who love to spank and be spanked. 

   Anyway, back to the story.

   Master and I were relaxing at the bar, when I sheepishly asked him if we could try out a long time fantasy of mine.  We talked about it for a moment and he told me what I had to do in order for that fantasy to take place.  I was stunned.  Master told me that I would have to walk over to Solstice, kneel before him and ask him to participate in our next scene.  I could feel the heat of humiliation burning my face.  Master knew what he was doing when he gave me my orders.  He knew how hard it would be for me to ask for what I wanted.  I moved toward Solstice, then grew embarrassed and turned to walk back to Master.  But Master gave me a look that meant I should turn around again, and continue walking to Solstice.  I walked toward him and said to him, "I'm preparing to do something I normally wouldn't do"  He looked at me quizzically.  I kneeled before him and explained what I was hoping he would do.  I explained his part in my fantasy.  His part was to spank & flog me, while Master stood near me, consoled and comforted me. 

To be continued:  Stay tuned next time for Pt. 2