MidnightLady’s The Spa Treatment: Pt. 2

2nd Story in a series of continuing stories about Peter and Chloe: Pt 2

   She dropped the strap and walked away to get the cane.  She returned to me and raised the cane.  She brought it down on my ass, with renewed vigor.  The pain of the cane is like nothing else.  There was a moment where the pain was only on the surface of the skin, then the stroke reached my muscles and the intensity tripled.  She caned me where it was already inflamed from the strap.  I was desperate and wanted it all to be over.  Again and again the cane falls on my ass and then my thighs.   I looked to Peter, for one last desperate plea.  My voice was so fragile and weak, "Please, honey, no more."  The Mistress yelled out, "Any more talking from you and you will be gagged."  Peter finally had enough; this wasn't what he thought it would be.  He walked over to me and released me from my bonds quickly.  I crumbled in his arms, so exhausted from my ordeal.  He laid me down gently on my stomach on the bed in the room. 

   The Mistress was watching this scene, shocked that he disobeyed her commands.  He walked toward her and grabbed her arm.  He pulled her toward the chair.  She was shocked when she figured out what he had in mind for her.  She struggled, kicked, and screamed.  So he gently, but forcefully restrained her to the chair.  He looked at her and said, "Now, you will get everything you gave my wife and if you talk or beg for mercy, even once, you will be gagged."  He picked up the strap, feeling his weight and size.  He took a moment to lay it gently across her ass.  He measured in his mind where each blow should land.  He brought back his arm and with a strong hand, he brought it down on her ass.  Kyoko cried almost immediately, but he didn't listen to her crying.  She struggled and he said, "Don't struggle, or you will get worse.  I have a mind to give it to you."  He stopped for a moment, as he felt the hotness of her ass.  He rubbed the smoothness of the strap.  It was well worn and he assumed it was well used.  He let the strap drop to the floor.  He was finished with the strap.  He raked his fingernails on her ass as he examined her ass and thighs.  He sees that they are very red and sore.  Peter brought his hand down on her ass hard and quickly a few times and she cried out.  He wanted to feel the heat of her ass, as it came in contact with his hand.   He bent over and picked up the cane.   He measured the cane against her ass, the same way he did the strap.  He brought his arm back and then swiftly down on her ass.  He caned her severely.  She cried out with each stroke.  She heard the soft ping of the cane, as it landed on the floor.  Finally, he was convinced that she had enough and released her.  

   He took the robe on the bed and gingerly dressed me in it.  He picked me up in his arms and carried me from the room.  He laid me down on my stomach again in the backseat of the car.  He drove home quickly and carried me into the house and to the bedroom.  He laid me down on the bed, on my stomach.  He reached for the cream on the night table. He gingerly rubbed the cream into my welts and bruises.   The pain was unbearable and the tears flowed again.  He looked at me and said tearfully, "Oh god, honey, I didn't think she would be so severe, I’m so sorry, please forgive me?"  I looked at you and saw the tears in your eyes, and said, "It's okay, honey.  But promise me, next time you think I need a spanking, please let it be you, that gives it to me.  I won't resist you or try to talk you out of it.  I know that I need it sometimes."  He smiled and said, "Okay, honey, it's a deal."  He gingerly moved closer to me and kissed me gently.   "Now, you sleep, while I make you dinner."   I closed my eyes and instantly I fell asleep.