Episode 12: Service: Reality vs Fantasy

Episode 12:

    Service is a mindset. Excellent service is truly it’s own reward. Getting a smile and a thank you from my dominant, for a job well done does more for me than anything else. 

    I think there is a dichotomy between the fantasy of service and the reality of service.  The fantasy of service is great if that’s what you have negotiated.   The service sub provides service in exchange for something else, like play or sex.  

    The reality of service is where I reside.  I provide service with no expectation of anything in return.  My mindset is that I love to be of service and my joy and fulfillment comes in doing a job very well done.  This is not to say that there isn’t play or sex in my relationships, because there is.  The play & sex are NOT predicated on whether or not I provide service.   To provide service is to be truly selfless.  I care deeply about the welfare of my dominants and strive to make sure their needs and my own are met. 

    Service is truly a mindset. 

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