Episode 11: Power Exchange D/s vs M/s

Episode 11:

     For myself, a lifestyle kinkster, a mindset dictates much of my kink interactions and how I live my kink lifestyle.   The distinction between Dom/sub (D/s) and Master/slave (M/s) power exchange dynamics are similar to a service relationship in that they are a mindset.

     I think a D/s relationship is like dating or going steady.  (I know I’m dating myself… LOL.) The D/s dynamic is more casual than with a M/s relationship. This dynamic has more room for negotiation and refusal of certain activities by the submissive. 

     Similar to the comment above about dating, the M/s relationship is like getting married in the scene.  Again, when looking at an M/s dynamic, we see the mindset at work again. Before a submissive becomes a slave, they negotiate what the M/s dynamic will entail.  Will it be a consensual/non consent dynamic?  What is the role of sex & play in the relationship? Will there be service involved and if so in what form?  The service mindset states that excellent service is it’s own reward. Will there be additional rewards or incentives for extraordinary service?  We believe in signing a short term contract that tells all the parties involved what is expected of them. This contracts sets the stage for the mindset of this relationship. Once all of these things are agreed to, the submissive transforms into the slave and with that change, the mindset changes as well. The slave is now focused solely on the Master’s needs and fulfilling the terms of the contract.  It is a deeply fulfilling relationship for all parties involved. 


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