Episode 13: Communicating Difficult Topics

Episode 13:

So often my inbox is flooded with emails from submissive men looking for a Mistress.  I tell them to start by going to a munch.  They invariably reply back that they can’t go because they are married and their wife wouldn’t understand. 

  That is a very difficult way to live. I should know, I lived in secret and hid my authentic self for far too many years.  The best time to tell someone you are kinky & are in a relationship with is before you marry them and before you scramble your DNA and make Mini Me’s!  It’s unfair to withhold that information from them. 

   So now it’s years later and you can’t continue to deny your authentic self any longer.  My advice is to take the risk and tell your partner you are kinky. There is always a chance they won’t respond well… Even if they aren’t into kink, it might open the door for you to get your needs met elsewhere.  There *IS* also the chance that they will respond well and are receptive to your true identity.  There is even a chance that they are kinky too and have been living the same lie as you have been all these years!!   There is really no way of knowing until you try… 

   Nothing ventured. Nothing gained. Good luck!

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