How To Find A Sub

Dear Mistress:

I would like to know the process in trying to find a sub. What works?


Looking But Not Finding

Dear Looking,

  It really depends on where you are looking and how often you look.  This question reminds me of a quote “Are you fishing in the ocean or are you fishing in a barrel?” If you are only going to munches and events sporadically (ie:fishing in the ocean) you will have a more difficult time of catching the fish you want.  You can’t go to one munch and not meet anyone and then complain about how you didn’t meet anyone and resolve to never go again. 

  So my number 1 suggestion to you is: to go to munches and events regularly (ie: fishing in a barrel).  You will have a greater chance of meeting someone who is looking for a Top/Dominant.  Now, when I say regularly, I mean go every month (as much as your work/life schedule will allow).  Depending on your locality, I bet there is at least 1-2 munches every month, maybe even more. 

  There is one caveat with my suggestion above… Do not go to the munches with the express purpose of walking out with a sub. Go to the events to meet & get to know people.  Let your kink community get to know you. After some time, you can be vetted for play parties and your chances of finding a play partner are even higher.

   Good luck!