Episode 10: Interview with Monopoly with Bloom Community

Episode 10: Interview w/ Monopoly from Bloom Community

   I remember our first episode where we spoke about getting involved in your local Kink community through a website called Fetlife. On Fet, a user can consume media, friend and follow other users & find events to go to.  It’s a great resource!  It can be challenging to get involved in your local Kink community and find play partners if you stay behind your computer and don’t venture out to a munch or an event.  


   Now there is a new kid on the block and it’s called Bloom Community!  This app is great for joining your Kink community. A user fills out their profile with the types of relationships they are interested in, how they identify and all kinds of useful information!  A user can be matched with other users with similar wants and needs. 


   There is an events tab where you can attend events either in person or virtually!  Last, but not least, there is a chat function to chat with the users you are matched with that have followed you back.  You can even chat with users who are going to the same events as you.

   Be sure to download the free info-graphic below!