Episode 02: What’s Your Kink?

Episode 2:

What’s Your Kink?

    We as the collective community of Kink welcome all kinksters to practice their kink in whatever way they wish to, as long as it follows our core ideal of *Safe, Sane, and Consensual. 

    In the immortal words of a good friend: “Kink is what you make of it” What does that mean?  It’s simple, really.  You do you.  Do what makes you happy. Play in a way that makes you happy*. 

    If leading men around on a leash and then spanking them makes you happy, then do that.  If tying people up makes you happy, then do that.  Mistress Gabrielle’s quote for this month’s episode is this: “My kink is okay, your kink is okay.”  Don’t let anyone tell you that your kink is not okay or weird*.  We are all the same kinksters in the same kink community and we are all equal…

    This reminds me of a story that really illustrates my point.  When you go to enough kink weekend conventions, you meet a ton of people and make lots of friends.  You will find that a lot of the same people go to the same events every year.  You begin to recognize the same people, even if you aren’t friends with them.  You remember them from last year.  Often you remember them because you watched a scene that you liked or you remember them from a demo or lecture.  My husband and I remember a man we affectionately called Dildo Man.  We called him this because we would see him in the dungeon, year after year, wearing nothing but a pair of pantyhose and occasionally sucking on a dildo.  That was all he ever did.  He would just walk around the dungeon, sucking on his dildo. That was his kink.  That made him happy. 

    So, I challenge you to find and do what makes you happy… I challenge you to be like Dildo Man.

    You do you.


    Download this month's free info-graphic below.