Episode 01: Kink: What Is It & How Can I Do It?

Episode 1:

    Everyone starts at the beginning.  Every person in the scene, no matter how many years they have been active in the scene, started right where you are right now.  It’s a wonderful time to be alive and at the start of your journey.  I remember my first play party.  I started my kink journey in 1997, this was at a time where Fetlife and munches weren’t even a thing yet.  It was all about the parties, that is how we rolled back then.  

    I talked my boyfriend at the time into going to my first play party.  We walked in and I knew this is where I belonged.  I had finally found my place in the world.  I had no idea that people were actually doing the things of my fantasies.  I saw bondage and spanking and whipping.  There was something going on in every corner of the building.  It was like I had arrived at Willy Wonka’s House of Kink.  I walked around and looked at everything in awe and fascination.  My favorite memory of that night went like this: I saw a gorgeous brunette with beautiful long hair, which was fastened around a metal ring and her body was hoisted up into the air and supported by her hair.  Her toes were barely touching the ground.  Her Dominant was behind her whipping her with a single tail and she was reciting Shakespeare perfectly. It was a glorious spectacle to behold. Absolutely stunning. I remember this almost 25 years later, like it was yesterday.

    Of course, my boyfriend at the time was not into kink and I didn’t get to play that evening… but I knew this night would be the first of many nights to come. If you are new and anxious about starting this journey, please know you are not alone.  You can do this, get an account on Fetlife, go to a munch, and get involved in your local community!

    I promise we don’t bite… unless you ask nicely…


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