Episode 26: A Chat with Tristan Taormino

Episode 26:

  When I think back on the kinky people who have influenced and shaped my kink experiences in the last 26 years, I can think of just a few people who were prevalent in shaping my kink life.  Tristan Taormino is one of those people.  I was first introduced to Tristan at a weekend kink event. She was teaching a class on Anal Play and I figured out during that class that I love Anal Play.  It’s definitely a favorite activity of mine. I was also figuring out my bisexuality and Tristan was and is a smokin’ hottie!  

   It was such a supreme honor to host Tristan on the podcast this month and talk about her new book, “ A Part of the Heart that Can’t Be Eaten”.  In reading her book, I saw several parts of her that endeared her to me even more than before. Not only did I see a smokin’ hottie, I saw a young woman that struggled with so many things that could have really broken her and yet, she kept getting out of bed every day and living her life. There are so many issues that she was having that I could identify with, things I struggled with myself.  Under that sexy, strong, kinky gal exterior there was woman just trying to cope with life’s twists and turns.  Isn’t that all what we are trying to do, we are all just living our lives. 

  If you get a chance and want to read Tristan’s book, I think you will find it extraordinary and you may relate to many of her own experiences.


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