Episode 25: Kink and Sex in the Scene

Episode 25:

   In the immortal words of PartyMan, "Kink is what you make of it"  There are no hard and fast rules about how to practice your kind of kink.  Again, it all comes down to communication & negotiation.  You can include sexual intimacy in your kink scenes, if it's been pre-negotiated with all partners involved in the scene.  It's also acceptable to not have any sexual intimacy with play partners.  You can start out playing with a new partner and not have any sexual intimacy and then when you feel safe with that partner, you can slowly incorporate sex into your scenes.  It's of  paramount importance to spell out what forms the sexual intimacy will look like.  It's also of paramount importance to say what your limits are and what sexual touching is off limits.  Some compromises by all partners may need to agreed to, so that everyone feels that at least some of their needs are being heard and met.

   Please, above all else, only do the negotiated sex acts with your play partners.  When you disregard limits and commits acts that were not consented to, this constitutes a CONSENT VIOLATION.  Also, when you include sexual intimacy, the risk of committing a consent violation is much higher.  Please respect all limits.


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