Episode 23: Punishments & Funishments

Episode 23:

   There is so much fun to be had with this topic.  The role playing ideas are so numerous and this type of play can be talked about for days before the actual scene even takes place.  There is a mental aspect of a building anticipation that is so delicious.  If the negotiated scene is a funishment scene, then there can be chastising and a little humiliation mixed in.  The Dominant can command the submissive to bring the funishment toys to the Dominant and then assume a punishment position. A funishment scene can be used to push the submissive some what farther they have gone in the past.  There is a light-hearted and fun expression about the scene as well.  This type of scene is enjoyable and fun.

   There is a distinct difference between funishment and a true punishment scene.  Punishment is used to change the unacceptable behavior of the submissive.  These types of scenes are used as a deterrent to unacceptable behavior.  I personally don’t believe in punishment scenes, if there are unacceptable behaviors being done by the submissive, then there is some dynamic in the relationship that is not working and needs attention.  This is a perfect opportunity to talk about what’s missing or what isn’t working. Now, that being said, if your submissive is misbehaving to get “punished”, then I see that as more of a funishment than punishment scene.  If they want more pain play because they are a masochist, then work more s/m into the dynamic.  I love maintenance spankings for just this reason.  There is no reason for the submissive to break the rules in order to get “punished” if they can get those needs met routinely through play.  

   It boils down to asking for what you need, negotiating and consenting to play!


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