Episode 22: Cross Dressing

Episode 22:

   I think Cross Dressing is a role playing mindset.  When you are a man dressing for pleasure to feel feminine, it’s a role they adopt and take on.  They want to feel feminine and wear feminine clothing that feels luxurious and fun to wear.  It brings forth a feeling that they can’t get as men.  Crossing allows for behaviors that aren’t allowed as men.  I remember a man named Stevie, from my days in the Jersey scene, he would go to play parties dressed as a sissy maid.  He lit up inside when he was in femme mode.  I would give him “Jersey girl attitude” lessons and he loved every minute of it.

   Now, cross dressing isn’t for everyone, but the message is universal.  If a certain activity makes you happy, if the activity lights you up inside and makes your bing button go BING, then do it.  Be and live in your authentic self.  I’m not blowing smoke up your ass and saying living your authentic life is always easy, cuz it’s not.  It comes down to a choice that you make with yourself: How do I want to live my life? What choices do I have to make to live the kind of life I want to live? And before you say to me some excuse that your spouse or family wouldn’t understand… Yes, that is a very real possibility that so many face?  It comes down to one crystallizing decision? 

   How do you want to live your life?


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