MidnightLady’s Turn-about Is Fair Play: Pt. 2

Story 3 in a continuing series about Chloe and Peter: Pt. 2

   Then I reach down and caress your balls.  I walk to the nightstand and get a small butt plug and some lube.  You have used the butt plug many times on me and you know how much I love it.  But you have never had the experience of having anything inside your ass.  You start to plead, "Please, honey, I’m sorry I took you to that woman. Please forgive me. Don't put that plug inside me."  I say nothing.  I rub a little lube on the opening to your ass and slide my finger in a little bit.  You gasp from the slight feeling of being entered.  Your erection is rock hard now and you can't touch it or stroke it.  I take the plug and slowly put it inside your ass.  Very slowly, I glide and guide it in. 

   You keep breathing deeply and the feeling of how exposed and vulnerable you are, is almost overwhelming.  I push it all the way in quickly and that causes you to wince from the pain of being entered.  I pick up the whip and gently trail it on your thighs, balls and ass.  Then you hear a whoosh and you feel the bite of the whip on your already sore ass.  You cry out.  Then you feel the lashes again and again.  This time, it’s more painful because a few of the lashes hit your balls.  Your erection gets harder with each stroke.  The pain changes in nature. It becomes pleasurable.  You feel the butt plug moving inside you.  I pull it out slowly and push it back in slowly.  I do this several times.  This feeling inside you is driving you crazy.  You want to orgasm so badly.  You think to yourself, "If I were free, I would take her over my knee and give her a sound spanking for teasing me like this and not allowing me to orgasm."  Then I pull out the plug and I stop half way.  The plug is halfway out of your ass.  Then you feel the plug being pushed in and the sting of the paddle on your ass.   You don't know what to feel more, the pleasure of the plug or the pain of the paddle.  I reach down again and fondle your balls again.  I bend down and lick them for a moment.  You are moaning now, so close to coming.  Then I pull out the plug again and bring down the paddle on your ass again, this time harder.  The plug moves faster into your ass and the sting is more intense.  I do this one more time and say to you, "Now will you kiss the paddle?"  You look at me and say, "yes."  I bring the paddle to you and you kiss it. 

   I roll you over so that you are now on your back.  Your ass is stinging and full with the plug.  I see your engorged cock and I climb on top of you.  I tease you with my pussy, bringing it near your cock and then taking it away. Then I suddenly plunge your cock into me.  I cry out with ecstasy. Then I begin pumping you so hard and fast.  You are very aroused, thinking about your situation.  You are tied up, your ass has been spanked and whipped, you have a butt plug inside you, and your wife is fucking you quite well.  My breasts are jiggling up and down as I ride you.  We both cum explosively at the same time.  I collapse on you in a heap.   I untie your hands and you wrap your arms around me.  We lay there for a long time, neither of us moving.  You say jokingly, "You know I will have to spank you when you recover, for being so cruel and for teasing me for so long!!!"  I look at you and smile.