Episode 19: Mental Health in the Kink Scene

Episode 19:

As complicated humans living on this planet, we all have a lot going on… Many of us manage some sort of mental health challenges.  Having depression, anxiety, OCD, C-PTSS, PTSS, and any number of other mental health conditions doesn’t preclude us from living a kink lifestyle. 

    It’s important for us to use very clear communication on our limits and triggers (if you manage past traumas) with new partners. It’s also important to have coping skills designed to help in case you are triggered during or after a scene.  Communicate with your partner what aftercare activities you require after the scene is complete.  Have concrete items with you to use for aftercare, for example: a soft blanket or stuffed toy, a bit of candy or a protein bar & some water. By having these items available for your partner to use with you they can feel like they are nurturing you and are a part of the aftercare. 

   So it’s certainly possible to have a full kink life with a few accommodations. Isn’t this true about most things in life… 

   Now go out there and get your kink on!!

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