MidnightLady’s Speeding Ticket Punishment: Pt. 1

4th in the continuing series of Peter and Chloe: Pt. 1

   Chloe was driving home from her girlfriend's house, when she saw the cop's flashing lights in her rear view mirror.  She cursed aloud and pulled over slowly, to the side of the road.  It was late in the evening and she was on a dark road.  She saw the cop get out of his patrol car and approach her car.  His flashlight was shining through the window and she rolled down her window, to talk to him.  "License, registration, and insurance card please," the cop said, sounding bored.  She handed him her credentials.  He looked them over and suddenly remembered something that his friend Peter told him over drinks one night.  He remembered that Peter had mentioned to him that he spanks his wife when she misbehaves.  He knew that this was Peter's wife.  So an idea came to light in his mind.  The cop handed Chloe her credentials.  He looked up to him and he said to her, "You have two choices, I can either give you a ticket for speeding and not renewing your registration or you can submit to a firm spanking by me. It's your choice, but I’m sure your husband will be very angry that you were speeding."  Chloe looked down to see her diamond ring sparkling in the light.  She knew Peter would be furious, especially after the talk they had about her driving.  

   She looked up at the cop again and finally said, "Yes, I will take a spanking from you, in exchange for receiving the tickets. Where should I stand?"  The cop opened the door to her car and helped her out.  He led her to the hood of his car.  "Now, bend over the hood of the car and don't get up until we are through. I want you to know that this will be painful for you, you must learn not to speed and to keep up with your responsibilities."  She bent over the hood, feeling totally humiliated, that she would let a stranger spank her, but it was better than telling Peter that she got 2 tickets.  He lifted up her dress and pulled down her cotton white undies.  The night was warm. Then it started, his hand met with her ass, with a loud SPANK.  Over and over again, feeling the pain, the humiliation, and feeling her ass become so hot and red.  The pain was so overwhelming; she never knew a hand spanking could hurt so much.  The cop kept spanking the same spots on her ass, over and over.  Finally, she started to cry and he stopped for a moment to talk to her.  "Now, do you promise to maintain the proper speed limit and take care of your responsibilities?"  In between sobs, she said, "yes, officer, yes I will not speed anymore and take care of my registration as soon as possible"  "good", the cop said, "let's finish this."  He resumed spanking her, now focusing on her thighs.  A new meaning of pain was surfacing in her mind; her thighs were becoming as red as her ass.  Finally he stopped.  He pulled up her underwear and that action caused her to winch and sob once more.  He pulled down her dress and lifted her to a standing position.  Tears still falling down her cheeks, she turned around and went back to her car.  She got in and drove away, being very careful to obey all speed limits.  Chloe pulled into her driveway, so glad to be home.  Her ass was so sore and all she wanted to do was go to bed.  She walked quietly into the house.  Looked around and didn't see Peter anywhere, so she figured he went to bed.  She went straight to the bathroom.  She wanted to look at her ass, it hurt so much.  She wanted to see how red it was.  Chloe turned on the light and left the door open, figuring Peter had gone to bed.  She took off my dress and undies.  She turned around and saw her ass in the mirror.  It was a strong crimson color.  It was unbearably sore and the soothing cream was in the bedroom with Peter.  She would have to do without it. 

To be continued... Stay tuned for Pt. 2