MidnightLady’s First Punishment Scene: Pt. 1

    The Punishment: Pt. 1

  Well, it happened.  The day I didn’t ever think would happen.  I packed my toys to go to The Keep as I would have on any other day.  But, I made a crucial mistake.  My Master had mentioned earlier in the day that he might want to cane me tonight and I forgot to bring the cane bag with us.  We arrived on time for the party and when I stepped out of the car, my Master said, “Don’t forget the cane bag!”  I turned and looked at him, angry with myself for having forgotten something so important.  “I’m sorry, Master”, I blurted out.  “Rick is here, you can ask to borrow one of his.”  “Well, I guess I’m going to have to do that, now that you forgot the cane bag.  I am thinking about using every single cane he has on your ass.”  I could tell he was disappointed in me, but I thought he would just realize that I made a mistake.  I know these kinds of things happen.  He told me that he was so disappointed in me that he wasn’t sure what would happen.  I had never seen him like that and I wasn’t sure what to do or expect.  As the evening wore on, he decided that he would ask one of our friends to discipline me.  There it was, my fate for the evening, staring me in the face.  Sir Rick was to punish me for forgetting to bring the bag.  I pleaded and begged my Master not to punish me, to give me a second chance.  I could show him that I wouldn’t forget again.  He placed his hand softly against my cheek and I instinctively nuzzled against it.  I hoped that my pleading would have an effect on him.  Then his hand slipped around to my hair and he grabbed my hair roughly and pulled it back.  I let out a slight gasp.  He looked into my eyes and said, “I’m sorry, my pet, but this is something that needs to be done.”  I silently pleaded with him with my eyes and my pouty bottom lip.   He chuckled and said quietly into my ear, “That trick won’t work tonight.  I am your Master and I decide what is best for you.  You need to be taught a lesson.”  

   He released me and we went downstairs to the Dungeon room to wait for Sir Rick.  He had me sit on a bench facing the corner.  How juvenile I felt, to have to sit there and wait for my punishment.  Of course, Jim came into the room and made fun of me and taunted me with my impending doom.   People gathered around me in the room, waiting to see what would happen.  I turned around to see Sir Rick enter the room.  Sir Rick reprimanded me for turning around to look at him.  My Master left the room to get the other toys that I had checked at the check in desk.  Sir Rick came to me and knelt beside me.  He put his arm around my back and said, “Let’s get started.  Take off your skirt and come to me.”  He sat down on the bench that I was just sitting on.  He guided me over his lap.  He smacked me on my ass, lightly at first, but within the first minute his hands were dealing out some harsh punishment.  It was enough to make me whimper and cry out softly.  It wasn’t more than I could handle, but there were two occurrences when my tolerance was definitely tested.  I knew in my heart that I could always safeword out of my punishment, but I trusted my Master completely and knew that he had my best interests at heart.  Another slap on my ass brought me back to reality and out of my musings.   My ass was burning hot now and the familiar heat was burning its way to my soul. 

   Sir Rick told me to rise and I was a little dizzy as I stood.  He led me to the cross chair and said quietly, “Bend over, I will cane you now.” I didn’t need to look back to see my Master, I sensed his presence.  I knew he watched, satisfied with the punishment that Sir Rick was meting out.  I reached up and draped my arms around the top of the cross and bent slightly at the waist.  I felt a few gentle taps with the cane and then the white hot fire of the cane met its target.  I buckled slightly and went out of position.  The pain was mind numbing.  It struck me at the heart of my soul.  There was no warm up and no soft caresses.  For the first time I had a realization of just how disappointed my Master really was with me.  So disappointed that he would pass me off to someone else to be punished.  In the haze of pain and the deep and steady progress into subspace, I understood the nature of this lesson.  I recovered from the cane stroke and resumed the position.  Within moments, the next wave of pain surfaced.  I stretched out against the chair, grabbing the seat with my arms, trying to deal with the deluge of pain that washed over me again and again and again.  Again, there were no soft words of love and no soft caresses. 

   To be continued... Tune in next time for part 2.