MidnightLady’s The Spa Treatment: Pt. 1

2nd Story in a series of continuing stories about Peter and Chloe: Pt 1

   After some months of regular corporal punishment and my continual defiance of his requests, Peter decided for Valentine's Day to buy me something special.  He hinted at it all week and on Saturday, I awoke to breakfast in bed and a big french kiss.  I wanted to make love, flashing my big, blue eyes at him, but he said,  "No, for today you will need all your energy."  The curiosity is almost too much to bear.  I thought to myself, "Hmmm for what I wonder."  We showered and dressed quickly.  "Chloe don't put anything special on, this involves very little clothing", he says briskly.  We drove to the secret destination in silence.  I was still aroused from this morning and I gently rubbed his thigh and was rewarded with a large bulge in his pants.  We finally arrived at a very nice house with a long driveway.  "A health spa?" I asked.  "In a way",  Peter responded. 

   He knocked on the door and a beautiful Japanese woman of about 40 years old, but stunningly beautiful and very petite in a long silk gown answered the door.  She has bangs and a short stylish haircut.  "Mistress Kyoko, this is Chloe".  Peter's voice sounded hesitant, as if he was unsure of himself.  "Hello Chloe, I have heard so much about you.  Come in", said Kyoko. We sat down to green tea and a light lunch.  During lunch, we talked about what a man is to a woman and vice versa and the conversation strayed onto what is considered good behavior.  "Chloe, your husband loves you and has arranged this day because he loves you and your marriage.  In the next few hours you will experience why he is so special to you and you will see how pleasing him pleases you.  Peter, wait here, we will be back in half an hour."  She led me into a beautiful marble bathroom and spoke quietly, "don't speak", she says.  She undressed me slowly.  Into the tub she put me, the water is scented, hot and oiled.  She bathed me and massaged my thighs and eventually moved to my sex spot.  Up and down her fingers moved over my spot, I had a wonderful orgasm, then blushed seeing Kyoko.  "Don't feel guilty, Peter wants this for you.  Rest for a few minutes.", she said.  Kyoko returned to the living room, "She is ready", she said. 

   When Peter entered the bathroom Kyoko had changed her clothes and was now wearing a black leather thong and bra, high heels.  "Now you will submit to my every request.  You will be disciplined and trained and will satisfy your husband as I tell you to."  Peter leaned over to pull me out of the tub,  " I love you, it is for the best", he whispers in my ear.   "I'm scared."  I say.   Kyoko leads me to a room with a chair made for caning.  I was strapped in.  I looked at Peter and the tears fell slowly.  Peter moved to touch my face and Mistress Kyoko yelled out, "You will not give her any mercy until I am through."  He moved his hand away from my face.  I saw in his eyes, he wondered if he did the right thing when he brought me here.  Mistress Kyoko walked to the wall and took down the strap.  It was 2 inches wide and about an inch thick.  Peter thought to himself, "this is going to be very painful for her, but I know she needs it."  She returned to my side.  She moved her hand over my ass and thighs and said, "Now you will learn the meaning of obeying your husband and trying in all you do to please him.  First you will be whipped with this strap and then you will be given 6 strokes with the cane.  Let's begin."  She raised the strap and for a moment, time stood still for me.  I nervously awaited the first strike with the strap, knowing it would be so painful.  I heard a whoosh and then I felt the strap right across the middle of my ass.   I tried to move away, but I couldn't.  Again, she brought down the strap on my ass and again I tried to move away.  I was so frustrated by being restrained.  The Mistress says angrily, "Stop moving or you will get worse!!!!!"  She brought down the strap again and again and again......over and over and over.  I tried so hard not to move. The tears were falling freely now and I felt miserable.  My ass was burning and was so inflamed and sore.  I looked to my husband, Peter for mercy, and he only looked at me forlornly, giving me the feeling that there was nothing he could do to help me.  Then I felt the strap on my thighs for the first time and I cried out.   The skin color of my thighs quickly matched the color of my ass.  I said tearfully, "Please, honey, make her stop, please.....I’m in so much pain."  She continued smacking my thighs.  The tears fell unabated. 

To be continued next time... Stay tuned for Pt. 2