MidnightLady’s First Play Party

My first experience with a play party.

   My Master and I had found this club and decided it was time that I had my first experience with D/s and S&M in public. So he dressed me in a slinky green crushed velvet mini-dress. The hem too high and the bustline too low.  He did say that I looked gorgeous and was proud that I was his slave.  I was wearing black stockings, 3 inch black heels and no underwear.

   We arrived at the place and went inside. What I saw inside both amazed and shocked me.  There were other regular looking people just beyond the entrance.  But from inside I heard the sounds of slapping and some distant moaning, from pleasure or pain, I knew not.  So we walked into the main play area.  A man and a woman were in one corner.  She was bending over a desk and the man was spanking her with a ruler.  So when he says that he has 12 inches, he really is telling the truth.  She was enjoying it immensely, moaning with pain or pleasure very often.  He kept stroking her hair, comforting her with his words.  Her behind became very red and sore.   I don’t think she minded, not one bit.  At the other end of the room, a man was trapped in a pillory.  His legs were separated far apart and his hands were also separated far apart.  He was totally defenseless, for he could not escape, even if he wanted to.  I  was sure he had no desire to escape the pleasure and the pain that he was enjoying.  There was a tall woman dressed in a slinky tight black jumpsuit, spanking him unmercifully with a paddle.  His ass was intensely red already, and was starting to bruise a little in some spots. In yet another corner, an older man was punishing a  half naked woman, with a rattan cane.  He would repeatedly lash at the same spot, until she cried out in pain.  He was hitting her inner thighs, her ass and her back. That particular display was very intense, because the pain must have been excruciating.  The man doing the caning, would only stopped when she cried out and then only gave her a few minutes to compose herself, before starting on the next spot on her body, that he was going to torture.  Master and I moved around the room and saw many people watching the festivities.  I was becoming very turned on and still dealing with my shyness.  Every time someone looked at me, I would shy away.  A man walked up to me and Master and asked if he could spank me, and that the invitation would always be open to me.  Master thanked him for his interest, but declined.

   We left that room and looked around a bit more.  There were a few smaller rooms.  One room was a smoking lounge, another was a smaller playroom, and another was a lounge type room with a couch and a chair.  I’m sure that room could be used for playing too.   

   We returned to the large playroom, where various people were being spanked and I was becoming more and more aroused.  I was so happy to be somewhere, where I was accepted for my love of spanking.  Not only was I accepted, if I wanted to participate, that was fully encouraged and if I just wanted to watch, that was fine too.  There was absolutely no pressure to participate.  So there we were, watching all the people get spanked, in various ways, with various implements.  A lot of people came with their own implements, and there were some you could borrow.  There was a large paddle with the name of the club on it and if you took a good smack from it, you could sign it.  My Master allowed me to pass on that one for I was still so shy about being there.

   Another couple approached us and began a conversation with us.  They were very much like us.  The woman (named K.) was submissive and the man (named S.) was the Dom.  So we immediately clicked and by the end of the night, we had exchanged phone numbers and were planning to meet again soon for dinner.  Our most interesting topic was the use of hypnosis, in bringing about a submissive slave.  Master had used a lot of hypnosis with me, to train me to be the perfect slave for Master.  He wanted to show off his slave and used his trigger to put me into a trance, right in the middle of the sentence I was saying.  As soon as my subconscious mind received the trigger, I fell into a deep trance.  He awakened me, by telling me that I wouldn’t remember that I had been in a trance.  So I awakened again and finished the sentence, not realizing that I had been in a trance, just then.  Much later, I remembered that I had been put under.  That excited me even more.  I was eager to please my Master and loved the hypnotic state that he could induce in me so easily.   We also met another very nice fellow (named J.).   It was J.’s birthday and K. said it was okay for him to spank her as a birthday present.   Master wanted to show off his power over me and put me in a trance.  He gave me a post-hypnotic suggestion that I would feel every sharp smack that J. was giving to K.  I awoke from my trance, feeling a bit strange.   J. brought his hand down on K’s ass and I flinched, as though it was I, not K, over J’s lap.  It certainly felt very real to me and Master knows how well his suggestions work on me.   J. was now following my reactions and he could see a change come over me.  I was starting to blush and my breathing had shortened.   J. knew he was responsible for my present condition, by way of the suggestion that Master had placed in me, only a moment ago.    

   Another interesting event was "spin the paddle".  The host would gather up the submissives that wanted to play and put them in a circle, then spin the paddle, whoever the paddle landed on got five smacks with the club paddle ( the one that you could sign, if you took one stroke from it).   It was very interesting to watch and looked like a lot of fun to participate in, maybe next time.

   Master was being very kind that night.  He didn’t command me to participate publicly, except for the slight hypnotic suggestions that he gave me from time to time.   But I knew I would regret leaving and not participating in some way.  So Master sensed that I wanted to receive my first public spanking, but I was feeling too self-conscious to verbally ask for it.  He told me that I needed to be trained publicly and was glad for the opportunity to be spanked.  I was still nervous and my Master could see this.  He hypnotized me to release my inhibitions and step into the pillory, to receive my first public spanking.  My heart was pounding, my blood racing through my veins.  I was worried that so many people would be watching me.  But after Master pulled up my dress and exposed my ass and started to spank me, with a paddle he borrowed, I soon forgot that I was the main attraction for a moment.  I became so involved with the pain and the experience that I didn’t notice anyone but Master.  I began to make very sexy and erotic moans (I’m told by Master, J., K., and S, who were watching me and I had asked them to come, for moral support….thanks guys….you know who you are), every time the paddle connected with my ass.  All in all, it was a wild experience, one I’m sure I will repeat again many times, in the future.

   As the night progressed, people came and went.  The later it got, the more wild people became. The real party started around midnight.  I will never, in the rest of my life, forget what I saw, after the soft core people left.  I saw a 6 foot man, dressed in what looked like something Catwoman would wear.   He/she was wearing 4 or 5 inch stiletto heels.  He/she was wearing a full face of makeup.  He/she was also wearing a blonde wig.  What I saw was totally shocking.   In another room, I heard screaming, so Master and I decided to see what that was all about.  We took a seat and watched the show.  One woman had been tied to a workout bench.  She was tied quite intricately.  Her partner was a tall, handsome man, smartly dressed in a black leather pants and matching vest, with a white flowing shirt.  He had a black goatee and truly looked the part.  He reminded me of the Marquis De Sade.  He was dripping hot wax all over her body.  Again Master, gave me the suggestion to feel everything she was feeling. The pain was excruciating for me, I’m sure it was much worse for the girl, who was actually experiencing it.  I was so intent on watching the candle wax fall, that Master drew my attention to her eyes.  Her eyes were filled with such abject horror and fear, the likes of which I have never before seen.  Yet there was a sense that she knew she could trust her partner with her life and that he would know how to care for her and push her to reach new heights.  After he was done torturing her, he brought his hand to her mouth, so that she may kiss it and she did so with as much love in her eyes, as I had seen agony and fear a moment earlier.

   Next to her was a woman being whipped.  She was crying uncontrollably now.  You could see the lash marks on her stomach and her ass.  Her arms were suspended over her head.  She couldn’t escape, had she wanted to.  I watched her occasionally, but was constantly being drawn back to the girl who was being tortured with the hot wax.

   Another interesting thing I saw, I had read about in Anne Rice’s book entitled, "Beauty’s punishment".  I saw a grown man, dressed in a red g-string, black stockings, and 4 inch black heels.  He was wearing a horse bit in his mouth, with long chains that his Mistress held and reigned him with, and protruding from his ass was a butt plug with long hairs hanging down.  In the book, this was called pony training. The man galloped around the room, being spanked fiercely by his Mistress.  What a sight to behold.  

   I think the topper of the evening was not anything I had seen, but something so powerful that I had experienced.  Master had put me under hypnosis again and had given J. an opportunity to suggest a suggestion for me to have.  J. said, "every time she hears the sound of a whip cracking, she will get so hot and horny, that she will be compelled to expose more and more of her body."  Master said, okay and gave me the suggestion.  What happened from there shocked and titillated J., K, and S., who were watching and knew what was going on with me.  J. whipped the chair and the more he whipped the chair, the more aroused I became and the higher I lifted my dress.  After a few moments, my ass was bare and I was pushing down on my stocking on my right leg.  I began grinding into Master’s leg, as I had been trained to do, when I was aroused.  I started to moan, so erotically, I’m told.  The funniest thing about this, is that everyone who heard the whip, came into the room to watch J. whip a chair.  They were totally unaware of what was going on with that woman and the guy, whose leg she was grinding against.  What truly amazed my small knowledgeable audience, was that just a few moments ago, I had been a shy, quiet type of girl.  Now I was transformed into an erotic sex machine, exposing myself and grinding against Master’s leg, without shame or inhibition.  It was truly a very erotic experience.  After it was over, the shy, quiet type of girl had returned and was a little embarrassed at what I had done, just moments earlier.