MidnightLady’s First Punishment Scene: Pt. 2

  The Punishment: Pt. 2

   I knew I was well and truly punished.  I also knew it wouldn’t be over until my Master had thought I had suffered enough.  I drew from the reserve of strength that living life had built up in me.  I resumed the position against the chair.  In seconds, I was struck a third time.  Again, there were no soft words and soft caresses.  I was so deep in subspace that nothing existed for several moments while I dealt with the white-hot heat that spread through every nerve ending in my body.  I traveled down farther into sub-space than I ever had before.  Sir Rick called my name, when he thought I would be coherent enough to hear it.  I looked up from my position, trying to concentrate on his words.  It’s unclear exactly what he said, but I recall something about apologizing to my Master for my forgetfulness.  I vaguely recall many people watching the scene. 

   I walked to my Master and wrapped my arms around his waist and nuzzled my face in his chest, desperate for some sign of compassion and forgiveness.  My emotions in turmoil and my soul beholden to my Master.  He pushed me away gently and said, ”Rick, give her another one.”  I looked up at my Master and begged him not to let this continue.  He said nothing.  Once again drawing from that well of strength, I walked to the chair and prepared myself to take the position once again.  I pleaded once more with my Master to stop Sir Rick.  Silence filled the room as I resumed the position.  Once again the pain from the fourth cane stroke took over my senses, my emotions, every nerve in my body was focused on the pain.  I could hear Sir Rick speaking, but I couldn’t focus on his words.  I called out my safeword, unable to emotionally continue.  Emotions from deep inside me spilled out.  The tears flowed freely down my cheeks.  I thought my Master would see my tears and come to comfort me, but it was Sir Rick that wrapped his protective arms around me.  He stroked my back and told me that hugging my Master was not the proper way to apologize for my mistake.  That I must go to him and apologize properly or the caning would continue.  I searched my pain-fogged mind for a way to apologize that my Master would truly see the remorse my mistake had caused.  I walked again towards my Master.  I knelt down before him and brought my head down to his boots and said quietly, “Please forgive me Master.”  It seemed an eternity until he allowed me to rise, but in reality, I’m sure it was just seconds.  I rose from my position in his boots and nuzzled my head against his upper thigh.  His hand reached down to stroke my hair.  He lifted me up into his arms, my tears flowing again.  I stood there for what I’m told was about 45 minutes finding my way up again from subspace.  

   I think that in all the scenes that I’ve done in my years in the scene, this was the most powerful and the most intense scene I have ever experienced so far.  I had no idea when we left for the party that this is the scene we would be doing.  It’s now the next afternoon and I’m still recovering both physically and emotionally from what will in my memory be a very powerful scene.  I’m still undecided if I will ever go through that again.  This type of scene, (a true punishment scene ) is something that I have longed to experience, but was unsure if I could handle the emotional and physical consequences.  Thanks to my Master and Sir Rick, my friend, I have had a wonderful experience.

August 12, 2000