Episode 28: Power Bottoms and SAM’s

Episode 28:

  Power Bottoms (topping from the bottom) & SAMs (smart ass masochists) are so much fun to play with.  There is a sect of Dominants that want total and complete obedience from their submissives and Kink is what you want it to be and what you make it.  For other Dominants, SAMs and Power Bottoms give the Dominant a challenging experience when the submissive is less than obedient.  This "disobedience" engages the Dominant and the submissive in a battle of wills that proves to be a lot of fun for both.  There is a slight distinction between the Power Bottom and the Smart Ass Masochist.  There is a certain level of sass that comes with being a SAM.  I can certainly attest that I a SAM and will occasionally say things that will "goad" my Dominant into dispensing out more sensations.  I will say things like: "Is that the hardest you got?" or "You hit like a girl!!"  It's all in good fun! 

  Does anyone else recognize these qualities in themselves? Let us know!!


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