MidnightLady’s Turn-about Is Fair Play: Pt. 1

Story 3 in a continuing series about Chloe and Peter: Pt. 1

(told from Chloe’s point of view)

   The day after our trip to Kyoko, we had breakfast in bed and kissed each other gently.  Peter asked me to discipline him as he has overstepped his mark.  But first, he tells me how I look more beautiful than ever, in the glow of my thrashing.  I wonder to myself how I should punish Peter.

   I tell you to bend over the bed and stretch out your arms.  I go to the closet and return with the tie from my bathrobe.  I tie your hands together and then I tie them to the bedpost.  You look at me shocked that I could be so dominant.  I walk away stiffly from you and return carrying the paddle.  You wonder what you have gotten yourself into.  "It's been such a long time since you had a spanking. Do you remember your college days, when they would spank the new recruits.  Do you also remember how much those spankings hurt?"  I show you the paddle and say, "kiss the paddle".  You look at me, like I’m nuts and say, "NO...I won't do that"  I stand behind you and bring the paddle down on your ass.  CRACK, CRACK, CRACK.  The pain is not so intense, for I am not as strong as you are, but you know that if I spank you enough times, it will become very painful.  "Now, will you kiss my paddle?" 

   Again you say, "NO"  I continue spanking you harder and faster now.  You are now wincing and sweating a little.  You say to me, "Okay honey, enough's enough. Let me loose. Untie my hands."  But I ignore you and continue to spank you, over and over and over again.  Now the pain is becoming almost unbearable.  The tears are just on the verge of falling from your eyes.  You see me drop the paddle and walk away.  I return with my small tailed whip.  I caress your sore, red ass, and play with your pleasure hole a little. 

To be continued... Stay tuned for Pt. 2.