MidnightLady’s Country House Repairs: Pt. 2

1st story in a series of continuing stories about Peter and Chloe: Pt. 2

   He let me up from his lap and I pulled up my thong gingerly.   The feel of the fabric made the pain worse.   My face was the same shade as my ass.   Peter reached out for my wrist and pulled me forward.   He and I walked out of the house and towards the big tree in the yard in front of the house.   I didn’t know what to expect.  I didn’t know what he was going to do.   He pulled down one of the branches from the tree.  He took out his pocketknife from his pocket and cut the branch from the tree.  He removed any leaves from the branch.  "Now you will be switched, is that clear?  I’m tired of doing everything around that house, without any help from you.  Maybe this will work in motivating you?"   He pulled me forward and forced me to bend over.   I looked up at him pleading, "I’m so sorry, please, Peter, don’t, I’ve had enough.  I promise to do everything.  Please don’t switch me."   He looked at me and said, "I’ve given you every opportunity to avoid this.  We spoke many times about this and you’ve made promises before that you didn’t keep.  I think this is just what you need to stay motivated.  The house is almost complete."   Peter noticed Pam and the housekeeper stood at the front door, and watched.  He didn’t care.   I saw through my legs that they indeed watched.   Shame and embarrassment washed through me.  I thought to myself, "What they must think of me.  I’ll never be able to live this down.  I’ll never be able to show my face again to them.  I’m so embarrassed."  I felt a lot of pain again as Peter lifted my skirt and roughly pulled down my thong again.  My ass was still sore and red from the bare ass spanking I had just received.  "You will receive 10 strokes with my switch on your ass and your thighs. Grab your ankles and don’t stand up again, until I tell you to."  I heard the swishing of the switch as it flew through the air.  The pain was like a red-hot poker as it branded me.  It completely saturated my brain.  I could think of nothing else, but the intensely awful pain.  Again and again the switch landed on my sore ass, I felt the welts as they formed.  I cried uncontrollably at this point. Then he moved the strokes to include my thighs, a new awareness of pain struck me each time another stroke landed.  I saw as Peter had dropped the switch and lifted me up to a standing position.  I felt the swish of my skirt against my sore, welted ass.  He hugged me and wiped away my tears.  "I’m so sorry that I had to do that, but I think you needed that.  I need a partner in this relationship.  I need to know I can count on your help."  I looked at him and said, "You were right.  I needed that to help me to finish the repairs on the house.  I'm sorry, can we put the matter behind us and go home."  Peter kissed me gingerly. 

   We walked to the front door and Pam pulled me aside.  She said, "Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.  I too have been switched many times under that tree.  An awful hurt, isn’t it?"  I nodded and then she smiled and we giggled together like school girls.   Walking home was difficult and very painful, but Peter promised to care for my bruised ass, when we got home.