MidnightLady’s Country House Repairs: Pt. 1

1st story in a series of continuing stories about Peter and Chloe: Part 1

Our Home in the Countryside

   Peter and I own a beautiful home in the English countryside.  The gardens around the house are grassy, and the flowers are so pretty in the springtime.  There are a few big trees that line the property.  We married 4 years ago after meeting in college.  We had bought the house last year and were in the process of fixing it up.   Peter and I decided that since he was working and I was home, that I would do most of the work on the house.  So everyday, Peter and I discussed what the day’s chores were, and then I did what I could accomplish.  As of late, though, I had become very lazy.  I shirked my chores and had taken to socializing with the other wives in the small town.  Over time, Peter became very upset with me.  

   One day, Peter returned home early from work, to find nothing on my list of chores accomplished.  Peter’s patience had finally worn thin.  He searched for the rest of the afternoon, until he found me at my girlfriend, Pam’s house.  He knocked on the door, and Pam’s housekeeper answered the door.  He stormed into the foyer, and found his way to the sitting room, where we were having tea.  I looked up and saw his angry face.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this angry.   He walked over to me and pulled me out of my chair.  "What are you doing here, when you have so much work to do at home." he said angrily.  "I was lonely, I stopped here for a cup of tea." I replied.  "But you didn’t do a thing on the list today and you promised me that you would."  I didn’t know what to say, he was right.  I just wasn’t motivated anymore.  "Now you are going to learn what happens when you don’t keep your promises." he said, as he grabbed me and pulled me closer to him.  He sat down on the ottoman and pulled me down over his lap.  I struggled to get up, but he was too strong.  He pulled up my skirt and pulled down my lacy thong.  Still squirming, my face beat red with embarrassment, knowing Pam and her housekeeper were watching this scene, Peter’s hand met with my pale ass.  Over and over again, his hand fell harder each time.  My ass was stinging so much and felt so hot.  I thought to myself, "Oh God, how embarrassing this is, to be spanked in front of other people.  How could he?"  I cried out from the pain and the shame.  All I could do was stare at the floor, totally humiliated.  "Now, will you do as I have asked you to, or do you need more motivation?" he said snidely.  I looked over my shoulder, sniffling, and said, "I can’t believe you would do this to me, embarrassing me like this."  He replied, " I gave you plenty of chances, before resorting to this and I think you are not finished with your punishment yet.  Maybe all you need is a little added motivation."  

   To be continued... Stay tuned next time for part 2.