Episode 07: Anatomy of a Scene Pt 1

Episode 7:

   I remember my first play party and my very first scene. I was in shock. I had been fantasizing about s/m & bondage since I was a child. Now an adult woman and I see and hear everything around me. Here was a place where people did the things I was  fantasizing about my whole life.  I could never have imagined it would look like it did when I arrived.  The story of that night, I will save for another day. 

   I’m so grateful to have found the scene and been so eagerly accepted.  I have made many friends with who I am still friends with today.   

   I hope today’s podcast episode helps you in beginning your kink journey and having successful, rewarding, and good scenes.  Next month we’ll discuss what to do when it all goes bad and how to recover from it!


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